Friday, November 1

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Students as Producers: Bringing the Digital into (and out of) the Humanities Classroom
How can technology be used to enhance a humanities course?  One way is to help students move from merely “consuming” knowledge to producing their own.  Digital tools can be used to engage students, either individually or collaboratively, in various kinds of scholarly and creative work—and to share the products of that work beyond the course itself.  When students know what they make will be shared with others, they often take the work more seriously!  In this workshop, participants will consider examples of courses and assignments that use technology in these ways, and they will generate ideas for helping their own students become digital humanities “producers.”
Derek Bruff and Vivian Finch
Curb Center
“Mapping Texts: An Experiment in Entity Extraction and Geocoding.”
The digital humanities allows, among other things, for new methods of visualizing information in narrative texts. In this experiment, Clifford Anderson (Director for Scholarly Communications) and Lindsey Langsdon (GIS Coordinator) will extract geographic information from a nineteenth century novel encoded in TEI. They will then plot that information on a map to discern the geographic ‘hot spots’ in the narrative. As befits the nature of THATCamp, this workshop will be experimental–no PowerPoint, just text, markup language, code, and maps.
Cliff Anderson and Lindsey Langsdon
Curb Center
Plenary with Alison Booth, Professor of English, University of Virginia
“Digital ‘Reading’ of Narratives in Social Networks”
Curb Center
Dork Shorts (Planning Session)
Facilitator: Todd Hughes
Curb Center
Curb Center

Saturday, November 2

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